We love to explore, create and develop innovative ways of bringing digital cinema closer to you.

Digital cinema via satellite

using proprietary SkyCinex technology

Encrypted transmission

Cutting-edge encryption-decryption technology enables integrity of the exhibitor contract, while ensuring legal protection of IP rights for all.

Dependable software delivery

SkyCinex technology enables movie downloads via satellite; it has a proven ability to retain visual quality while providing an efficient route from the distributor to the screen.

Enjoy ad revenue sharing

Apart from manning digi-sat transmission of the latest movies to your location, you can also benefit from a revenue-sharing engagement with local advertisers.

Beaming to over 200 screens

Every day, more exhibitors, theatre owners, and miniplex owners are adopting SkyCinex to improve their business. 

The programs include hospitality management foundation courses and business courses

Miniplex Business

Conceptualising, designing, setting up and managing miniplexes can be a challenging task. Not for us. What is the timeframe? ‘About to set up 500+’ is clunky. ‘We have set up more than 500 miniplexes in 527 districts across the country.

Our experience with digi-sat cinema comprises the development of proprietary SkyCinex technology, successfully enabling hundreds of exhibitors to benefit from it, consulting on mini/multiplex setups and management, and evolving additional revenue-generating initiatives.

Mall owners and entrepreneurs can benefit from our experience by consulting with us on business planning, design, and the setup and management of miniplexes in existing or upcoming venues across the country.


Satellite-based Education

Why shouldn’t you study in comfort and style?

K Kampus ties up miniplexes and leading post-graduate training establishments nationwide. We bring quality live and pre-recorded sessions to miniplexes during non-movie hours.




 The master's degree programs help students broaden their knowledge of the hospitality industry and enhance their managerial, analytical and leadership skills

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Key milestones

Over nearly two decades of experience in cinema and allied businesses, we have achieved several milestones.

Movies produced
Box office hits
Digital cinema screens achieved and 3000 in next 3 years
Miniplex theatres achieved and 180 screens in next 3 years
The degree gives a significant advantage to professionals seeking a high-level corporate position in a hospitality business or a position at a hospitality consulting firm or in other service organizations