About Us

KSS Ltd. (formerly known as K Sera Sera Ltd.) was incorporated in September 1995, is headquartered in Mumbai and is a publicly listed company, currently listed on the BSE, NSE and the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.

As a major player in Indian cinema, KSS has produced and distributed over 100 films and produced over a dozen movies, including some box-office blockbusters.

KSS is headed by a team of professionals and technocrats, whose collective experience forms the heart of this organisation.

KSS, as it is commonly known, focuses on the entertainment film business; with three business entities focusing on digital cinema rollout, the building of miniplex cinema screens, and alternative content programming in cinema theatres, respectively.

Fired by a desire to emerge as the country’s most successful media & entertainment business group, KSS specializes in the three following strategic business units.

  • This strategic business vertical forms the core activity of the group, with its acclaimed KSS SkyCinex Digital Cinema server.

    KSS owns the IPR of both the SkyAriya HFR and 3D-ready digital cinema playback systems. The SkyCinex and SkyAriya, coupled with the award-winning DP Projectors from Digital Projection (UK), provide digital cinema solutions.

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  • KSS Miniplex has conceptualized, designed and built the country’s first miniplex.

    The USA has a ratio of 117 screens:1 million. Whereas this is 12 screens:1 million for India. This gap is being addressed by KSS Miniplex Ltd. The known names in the multiplex business are left with no choice but to concentrate only on big malls

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  • Changing the perception that true learning can take place only in a formal classroom setting, KSS has launched the innovative concept of K Kampus.

    K Kampus has made substantial efforts to bring long-distance and e-learning platforms into its technological ambit, and has tested educational content that is now ready for cinemas.

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