Birla Gold


Birla Gold & Precious Metal Limited (BGPML), is in the business of among the different styles and ways of investment in Gold such as holding physical gold in the forms of gold coins, Gold Bars, Jewellery, ETFS, gold funds and gold futures. BGPML is a Subsidiary of KSS Limited and was established as a separate subsidiary in the year 2014.

KSS Limited (formerly known as K Sera Sera Limited.) was incorporated in September1995, is headquartered in Mumbai and is a publicly listed company, currently listed on the BSE, NSE and the Luxembourg Stock Exchange. As a major player in Indian cinema, KSS Ltd. has produced and distributed over 100 films and produced over a dozen movies, including some box-office blockbusters. KSS Ltd. is headed by a team of professionals and technocrats, whose collective experience forms the heart of this organization. KSS Ltd., as it is commonly known, focuses on the entertainment film business; with three business entities focusing on digital cinema rollout, the building of miniplex cinema screens, and alternative content programming in cinema theatres, respectively.

Birla Gold & Precious Metal Limited has launched a new venture under Birla Gold Brand “Cherish Gold” as – An online Jewellery Store in the year 2015. It‘s a newly launched e-commerce venture which Birla Gold & Precious Metal Limited (BGPML) has launched for the customers. With “Cherish Gold”, Birla Gold & Precious Metals Limited wants to reach every house in the country. With a strong vision and smart investment plans, the team has an amazing return benefits for its customers.

To develop an established and systemized gold market in India, Birla Gold has now launched “Birla Gold Plus” which is a modern generation idea of savings in Gold. The Birla Gold Plus Plan offers its customers an exclusive opportunity to accumulate Gold as per their requirements on a Monthly basis. The plan allows a minimum monthly subscription of Rs. 1000/- and multiple of Rs.1000/- thereafter. Under the plan, the gold price is declared on a daily basis on or before 12:00 noon which is valid for the day. Gold Grams up to 2 decimal points are allocated in customer’s account. The Plan is available at a minimum subscription of Rs.1000 per month and with no upper limit on value of subscribing. BGP can be subscribed for tenure of 11 months. Easy & multiple subscription options are available for the customer through Online and Offline medium. The plan has no lock in period.

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