K Sera Sera wins battle for the release of Fast and Furious 7

Mumbai, 31st March 2015: NBC Universal enters into settlement with K Sera Sera Digital Cinema Pvt. Ltd. and can now exhibit and screen the big Hollywood film of this week Fast and Furious 7 (renamed as Furious 7) on its network across the country.

KSS had approached the Competition Commission of India (CCI) to stay the release of Fast and Furious 7 in India over cartelisation of distribution. It subsequently filed a writ petition no (C)940 of 2015 against NBC Universal Media Distribution (subsidiary distribution company of Universal Studio who are the distributors of Fast and Furious 7) in the Bombay High Court wherein NBC Universal settled the matter with KSS and agreed to give the digital content of the movie Furious 7.

The petition filed by K Sera Sera Digital Cinema Pvt. Ltd is was against the unfair decision by NBC Universal Media Distribution to restrict the rights of digital conversion and distribution of the action-packed thriller to just two digital cinema service providers in India viz. UFO Movies Media Ltd. and Real Image Media. What led K Sera Sera’s petition to CCI is the fact that the technology of UFO and Real Image systems is at par with the systems of K Sera Sera.
K Sera Sera Digital Cinema Pvt. Ltd. had to approach the Competition Commission of India to ensure equal rights for the release for Fast and Furious 7 (The movie is slated to be released on April 02, 2015) thus making sure no movie enthusiast is deprived of his rights to watch the film in a theatre of his choice.

K Sera Sera had approached NBC Universal Media Distribution for providing its Digital Services for showing Fast and Furious 7 at its associated chain of 300 theatres to no avail. In wake of such unfair attitude and its long-running repercussions, K Sera Sera finally decided to file a petition so that this matter could be duly investigated. The act by NBC Universal Media Distribution is in clear violation of section 3 and 4 of the Competition act 2002. The petition was filed against the onset of unfair practices that in the long run, could wipe a few digital cinema service providers in India.

To share a brief background on how a movie reaches the audiences, it is interesting to note that in the past few years, the entire process of distribution and exhibition of movies has undergone various complex technological changes, This is mainly to cut production cost and counter piracy. The film production industry turned towards ‘digitalization’ of the whole cinema experience. Nowadays, a digital movie server and projector is installed at each cinema and companies such as K Sera Sera, UFO Movies Media Ltd. and Real Image Media use technology they have to convert/digitalise the movie content into their proprietary format and then deliver the same to their servers from where the movie is played. The whole system is encrypted and can only support the respective server. The production houses of the films, either directly or through respective film distributors, give access to the Digital Cinema service provider and thereafter such movies are converted into digital format/file which is highly protected/ encrypted paired with related servers and systems installed at various theatres and can only be opened through keys provided by the digital cinema service providers. These files in respective proprietary formats are given in hard disks to various theatres for exhibition, screening and showing.

The Digital Cinema Projection systems can be broadly classified into two categories. One is the E cinema (Non DCI compliant) technology and the other which is known as D Cinema (DCI compliant technology). Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) was created in March 2002 by a group of International Production Houses such as Disney, Fox, Paramount, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Universal and Warner brother’s studios. Universal Studios which was part of the DCI and movies produced by it and distributed are only released in digital form through DCI Complaint servers and Projectors. DCI’s primary purpose was to ensure a uniform and high level of technical performance, reliability, protection and quality control. But unfortunately that is now being misused where players like us, inspite of having technology at par with the partners they have chosen, are forced to play a wait and watch game.

About K Sera Sera: K Sera Sera Digital Cinema Pvt. Ltd is a company incorporated under the laws of India having its head office at Mumbai, is a Digital Cinema service provider. The company is engaged in the business of Digital Cinema Services which involves digital projection and screening of films in India through a specific technology known as its proprietary Sky Cinex Technology. K Sera Sera is among the India’s leading Digital Cinema service provider having tie-up with as many as 300 cinema theatres across the country.

For any further information please contact: Ms. Priyanka Mufti, K Sera Sera Digital Cinema Private Limited, (09930017307)

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