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K Sera Sera is one of the largest distributor of Indian Cinema in INDIA. We now bring to the film industry with the best of Digital Cinema experience.

We at K Sera Sera believe in providing the end user the ultimate experience of Cinema. K Sera Sera’s Digital Technology has designed and developed proprietary Cinema Playback Server with Full High Definition playback capability. H.264 is the latest video compression standard from the ITU-T Video Coding Experts Group and the ISO/IEC Moving Picture Experts Group.

The H.264 Encoder applies entropy-coding methods to use context-based adaptivity, which improves the coding performance. All the macro blocks, which belong to a slice, must be encoded in a raster scan order. Baseline profile uses the Context Adaptive Variable Length Coding (CAVLC). CAVLC is the stage where transformed and quantized co-efficients are entropy coded using context adaptive table switching across different symbols. The syntax defined by the H.264 Encoder stores the information at 4×4 block level.

E-Cinema technology would be delivered via satellite.
Films would be simultaneously released across India.
Full high definition quality projection.
No Print Cost.
Reduction in distribution & logistic costs.
Piracy Proof.
E-Ticketing and CCTV surveillance 24 x 7.
Technology delivered at no cost to franchisee.
Regional & Bollywood Content will be made available throughout the 500 Miniplexes.